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The Center for Afterschool Education

Online Assessment Application
The FOUNDATIONS Quality Assurance System (QAS) wraps after-school program evaluation and program improvement into one comprehensive online tool. It guides you step-by-step through a close look at your program, takes you through a structured analysis, and leads you into creating program-specific targeted improvement plans. The initial and follow-up format and unique graphing provide an immediate and comprehensive view of the progress you have made and the areas that still need work. Programs assessing more than one site can produce a Cumulative Report and view progress across sites.

QAS Highlights:
1. 10 QAS Building Blocks, with 75 total Elements to assess program structure and focus.
2. Adaptable design and format for use by a broad range of after-school programs.
3. Clear 4-point Building Block rating system.
4. Initial and Follow-Up assessment in one online tool.
5. Easy-to-use text boxes for immediate improvement planning.
6. Site Report and Cumulative Report graphs for analysis of results and comparing progress.

Questions? Contact us at qas@foundationsinc.org
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